Who we are and what are we doing here?

We are Belarusians and our friends from other countries who are supporting democratic Belarus.

We are against any violence and want to see Belarus free, democratic and independent country.

We show our solidarity and support to Belarusians and spread the word to the Norwegian society.

What is happening in Belarus?

The dictatorship of Alexander Lukashenko is wavering following rigged elections on August 9, 2020. Incumbent Alexander Lukashenko officially “received” 80% of the vote. There was massive electoral fraud, even in Lukashenko’s strongholds. After Belarusians took to the streets to protest the results, state security forces reacted violently, resorting to rubber bullets, tear gas, and extreme brutality. More than 33.000 of peaceful protesters have been brutally detained and  more than 1000 sent to holding prisons with unhuman conditions, where members of the security services have beat, rape and tortured them. Only officially 8 people have been killed.

Why we know that the official results of elections are frauded?

International observers were not allowed into the country. Independent citizen observers across the country have documented massive violations from day one.

For example, on the day of early voting, instead of 23 voters, 180 were recorded in the protocol. In most precincts, the final protocols, in violation of the law, were not posted at all. Also, each person could send a photo of their newsletter to Viber and Telegram for independent calculation by the Voice project. According to Voice, Tikhanovskaya won all over the country, this was confirmed by the calculations of observers, but Lukashenka declared his victory with 80.1% in his favor. To hide the real results, the authorities burned paper ballots just days later.

For now 51 country that have not recognized the elections. Among those countries: Norway, Sweden, Denmark, USA, UK, Switzerland, Japan.

August 9-11.2020. Horrible days for Belarusians.

On the main voting day, after polling stations closed, people took to the streets of their cities in peaceful protest, demanding an honest vote count.

The authorities cut off the internet across the country and ordered the crackdown with the utmost brutality. Peaceful protesters began to shoot with military weapons, rubber bullets, flash grenades, use water cannons and pepper gas against them. Also, these days the Internet and mobile communications were completely disconnected. On August 12, the Internet was turned on, and people saw hundreds of videos of civilians being brutally beaten.

In the first days of the protest, the security forces killed several unarmed people, among them:
Alyaksandr Taraikousky, unarmed, stood with his hands up in front of a militia column in Minsk, was killed by a shot. A video of his murder appeared almost immediately, but a criminal case has not yet been opened.
Hennadz Shutau was shot dead in Brest on the night of August 11.
Kanstantin Shishmakou was a member of the election commission and refused to sign the fraud protocol. Found hanged.

200 days of protests

The barbarism of the police on August 9-11 horrified the Belarusians. Since then, people have been gathering for protests demanding Lukashenka’s resignation, an end to violence, and a fair trial of those guilty of war crimes against civilians. The first marches gathered in Minsk alone, according to various estimates, from 300 to 600 thousand people. In response, the police began to detain thousands of people – not only protesters at the marches, but also bystanders in the courtyards of houses. Because of the coronavirus, a typical trial takes place online, policemen with a changed surname and wearing balaclavas act as “witnesses” for the charges, it takes 5-15 minutes for one case.

Why White-Red-White flag?

White-red-white flag —  the official flag of the Belarusian People’s Republic, in 1991-1995 – the state flag of the Republic of Belarus. In 2020, it became a unifying symbol of protest against election fraud and the brutality of the so called security forces. At the moment in Belarus hanging a white-red-white flag of the “authorities” on their windows is counting as a single picket and people can get a large fine or 15 days of arrest.

How can I help?

På norsk: https://razam.no/hjelp-belarus/

Belarusisk diaspora I Norge: https://razam.no/

Spread the word:

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Several funds have been organized for material assistance to victims of violence:

Human rights fund: https://defendbelarus.funraise.org/

Bysol: https://bysol.org/english

By_help: https://www.belarus97.pro/eng#h.gdgqh969u14f

Even a small amount counts!

Results of independent counting of votes in elections:


Photo and video chronicle of events by day:

Please support political prisoners by writing them a letter for free: https://vkletochku.org/en

Learn more about any of 250 political prisoners: https://prisoners.spring96.org/en